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We are pleased to reveal our newly designed website for Fastime Racing, feel free to Take a Look! We have worked hard to create a streamlined experience for you!

We encourage you to please visit and explore the site. As a company that strives for excellence, we want your experience on our site to be informative, enjoyable, and as easy to navigate as possible. We hope that the new website will fit all your needs! if you have any questions or comments about the site please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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MSD is proud to offer a new Pro-Billet Distributor designed to handle the rigors and harsh racing conditions of late model, modified, and off-road racing. The new distributor was designed with input from top racers and engine builders in circle track competition.

•CNC-machined billet aluminum housing provides a solid foundation
•Adjustable slip collar allows for precision installation with modified blocks or intakes
•Billet reluctor and a magnetic pickup produce accurate trigger signals
•Large diameter Ford style cap prevents spark scatter and securely bolts in place
•A Weather tight connector seals and locks the pickup wiring
•Pickup and reluctor are parylene coated for resistance against corrosion

The new Pro-Billet Distributor has been precision engineered to feature the highest available technical design in its class. Starting at the top of the distributor, a larger diameter distributor cap is securely bolted to the billet aluminum housing. The extra width prevents the chance of spark scatter during high rpm racing. Under the injection molded rotor is a billet steel reluctor and proven magnetic pickup assembly. The steel reluctor offers the material and strength required to be modified for advanced cylinder-to-cylinder timing orders. These components are parylene coated to prevent corrosion and the timing is locked-out for a solid signal from idle to redline. Inside the CNC-machined housing, a sealed ball bearing assembly guides a .500″ shaft that receives a friction reducing QPQ coating. Mounted to the base of this shaft is an oversized (+.006″) bronze distributor gear to ensure the proper mesh with the cam gear.