One of the pretties motors I’ve ever seen.

T-Bucket or Rat Rod wish – bone /front-end w/brakes and drums . Includes steering.

$500.00 Takes it all (Wife said it had to go)

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Yep, its a truck…..


Its pretty and shiny …..

Snow 2-c Snowmobile Oil improves performance and reduces wear in both standard and high performance 2-cycle snowmobile gasoline engines. Synthetic solvency keeps spark plugs and exhaust ports clean for maximum efficiency, and low co-efficient of friction promotes increased horsepower and engine speed.


Order today!!!!! $54.99 ne gallonF60885190


Straight 6


Now that’s an Old school Straight six……..


Not sure if I like the color?


This action camera produces 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p or VGA video and up to 12MP high resolutions photos. The Neo Super Sport Wide Angle Lens offer a 170 degrees lens for greater field of view. Its rugged water proof housing is designed to allow the camera to withstand the elements and keeps the camera performing its best including underwater to depths of 60 meters. The user friendly camera controls are accessed on the built-in two inch TFT touch screen. The unit is WIFI equipped to allow for smart phone, tablet or computer connectivity via the Neo Smart App for wireless camera operation. The kit includes a rechargeable digital remote controller that will allow the user to take video, photos, check camera status and control camera from up to 98 feet away.

The Camera includes the following components: A waterproof housing, a lion battery, a flat adhesive mount, a curved adhesive mount, a handlebar mount, base mount, two base mount adaptors, two base mount adjusters, a USB cable, a Charging cable, a HDMI cable and owner’s manual. Order Today $199.99

msd_ignition copy

MSD is proud to offer a new Pro-Billet Distributor designed to handle the rigors and harsh racing conditions of late model, modified, and off-road racing. The new distributor was designed with input from top racers and engine builders in circle track competition.

•CNC-machined billet aluminum housing provides a solid foundation
•Adjustable slip collar allows for precision installation with modified blocks or intakes
•Billet reluctor and a magnetic pickup produce accurate trigger signals
•Large diameter Ford style cap prevents spark scatter and securely bolts in place
•A Weather tight connector seals and locks the pickup wiring
•Pickup and reluctor are parylene coated for resistance against corrosion

The new Pro-Billet Distributor has been precision engineered to feature the highest available technical design in its class. Starting at the top of the distributor, a larger diameter distributor cap is securely bolted to the billet aluminum housing. The extra width prevents the chance of spark scatter during high rpm racing. Under the injection molded rotor is a billet steel reluctor and proven magnetic pickup assembly. The steel reluctor offers the material and strength required to be modified for advanced cylinder-to-cylinder timing orders. These components are parylene coated to prevent corrosion and the timing is locked-out for a solid signal from idle to redline. Inside the CNC-machined housing, a sealed ball bearing assembly guides a .500″ shaft that receives a friction reducing QPQ coating. Mounted to the base of this shaft is an oversized (+.006″) bronze distributor gear to ensure the proper mesh with the cam gear.

Eagle – Eagle Street and Strip Rotating Assembly



Eagle Assemble Kit $799.99
Balanced Rotating Assembly, Street, Cast Crank, Hypereutectic Pistons,  I-Beam Rods, Chevy,  Small Block, Kit

Comes with Flywheel & damper