DIRTcar Racing, in conjunction with Hoosier Racing Tire, announced that DIRTcar UMP Modified division drivers will have an improved tread pattern, renamed compounds, and less siping to do in 2017 season.

After three years of field testing, DIRTcar and Hooiser officials are pleased to release redesigned versions of the current A40S and H40 compounded tires. The new M-30S and M-60 tire will become the only available tires for the DIRTcar UMP Modified division beginning at or near March 1st, 2017 The new tires will feature the same construction and compounds as the existing tires, but will utilize an updated Chain link tread pattern and more logical compound names. NO grooving will be allowed on any tire, and siping of the new tires will only be legal with the M-60 tire.

Dirtcar UMP will allow all existing A-40S and H-40 tires to be run out throughout the entire 2017 season.

Fastime has received word that the new tires are in the warehouse and selling fast. If you need tires call

today and place your orders: 734-947-1600

HOO 36180m30S (medium Compond /26.5)= $128.99

HOO 36180M60 (Hard Compond/26.5) = $128.99

HOO 36190M30S (Medium Compound/27.5) = $128.99

HOO36190M60 (Hard Compound/27.5) = $128.99