421 Fresh, Dyno time only
$5,500Taylor, Michigan – Fastime Racing Engines & Parts

421 Built for UMP modified.
-Brodix spread port 10X
-Jean Dittmer intake
-Jesel shaft rockers
-New Comp Cams solid roller w/Isky endurance lifters
-Ohio 45 lb crank
-New Eagle H-beams
-new JE domes
-New Ferrea 6000 valves
-Isky 9995 springs and Titanium retainers
-New billet timing Chain and gears
-400 block has been partial filled, decked, line honed, studded, and Bored and honed with plates.
Has a 7 qt Drag pan on currently but will put Canton 9 qt circle track pan on if required.
Carb and Ignition not included.
Made well over 600hp, dyno sheet with engine.